© 2018 by Sofie Svärdshammar

Knowledge has always been an important source for a successful and sustainable artwork. Therefore, education is a high priority. Although I found great opportunities to develop my skills in schools, I’ve collected the most of the ideas and knowledge through heavy art books and tutorials on internet. The phenomenon of being able to express myself through the creation in form of drawing and painting has always been aroundme. I grew up in a home where art was an integral part of everyday life, encouragement I received from it has led me to where I am today.

Although realism and classical art has influenced me, I believe that comic books of both the commercial variety and often rare underground comics, deeply influenced my way of draw. Moreover, the results of the gray and dark tones of graphite is beneficial when I want to capture and express the darker and sometimes decadent part of my senses.

When it comes to watercolor, I paint in many layers, it creating a rich depth to the picture and will be of benefit when to achieve a genuine work of art. As I've always had a fascination for mythology, it has obviously reflected on my art.

Watercolor has the properties that allows me to work with an more playful and imaginative style than other techniques. When painting portraits I mostly use a photo model but I do not strive only for a photo realistic results because it's important for me to put my own style in my artwork.

2010-2013 Stockholm University, pedagogy, traditional art and art history. Stocholm, Sweden

2004-2005 Accademia Italiana, fine art, color theory and art history. Florens, Italy

2003-2004 Art school of Gotland, traditional art education and art history. Visby, Sweden

2001 Art school of Gotland, basic art education and multimedia. Visby, Sweden

2015 Cafe' Liberia le Sorgenti, Bolsena, Italy

2014 Täby Library, Stockholm, Sweden

2013 The Korpen gallery, Grönskåra, Sweden

2013 Ensta gård, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 Paletten, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 Siggesta gård, Stockholm, Sweden

2005 På tapeten, Visby, Sweden

2005 The gallery of Accademia Italia, Florens, Italy

2001 Lärbro art gallery, Lärbro, Sweden